Creative Well Monthly Credits

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Harness the Power of Little & Often  

Want an easy and inspiring way to stay on track with your creative goals and dreams? 

Treat your creative spirit to monthly credits for the Creative Well suite of courses.


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A curriculum designed to support; 

✅ Clarity

✅ Mindset

✅ Energy & Wellbeing

✅ Spirituality & Purpose

✅ Flow & Productivity

✅ Aliveness & Joy


A Range of Hybrid Coaching Courses: 

Enjoy the freedom of Self-study programmes with the support of Email Coaching - so you can get your unique questions answered.  

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You have a vision for a creative life of fulfilment, enjoyment and success. 

You want to learn the mindset, energetics and lifestyle required to bring your vision to life. 

Creative Well will teach you.



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Do-able. Sustainable. Enjoyable. 

The Creative Baby Steps Route To Success.




“One small step can change your life.”

Dr. Robert Maurer





How long do credits last? 

You can take up to a year to choose how to spend your credits.

Hello happy browsing breathing space. 🛍

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How long can I access my courses? 

When you use credits to purchase courses, you receive lifetime access to the course.

As long as it's available, you can access your progress and materials in your Membership Portal. 🖥

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Do credits work out better than buying courses separately? 

Yes. I'd love to encourage a commitment to your Creative Self, so investing in your monthly credits will reward you with cost savings. 🎁

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Can I get a refund for unused credits? 

As a Credits Member, you'll receive additional benefits during your membership. 💝

As such, credits are non-refundable.

Please explore Creative Well and my Creativity Coaching work to ensure this is the right commitment for you. 



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